Recovery from Sports<br>Ed Botha<br>Class 2631

Recovery from Sports
Ed Botha
Class 2631

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Thank-you a really good class. There are quite a few exercises i will incorporate into my warm down now :)
Very interesting class, thank you!
Anke M
Awesome !! Thank u so much. Great inspiration for my athletes in class and just what I needed today after a 10k competition :))
After a hard day in the gym this was fantastic and I also loved the muscle activation techniques to assist my body in feeling great overall.
Lekker class man!
thank you ed. I love this stretches.
I found it super interesting for hip streching. as a runner it is a part i often misconsidered during my strech routine. Thank you !
Did a brutal trail 10 k yesterday. This was just what I needed today! My favorite restorative video so far!
This class was so good for my tight hips and muscles. I need to do this daily. Thank you so much.
I really enjoyed this class! Thank you
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