Injury Prevention for Sports<br>Ed Botha<br>Class 2633

Injury Prevention for Sports
Ed Botha
Class 2633

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Thanks Ed. I really enjoyed this class!
Another challenging but fun class, Ed! Love the creative use of the box. Thanks!!!
Love the challenge and use of box, thanks!
Thanks Ed for this workout really enjoyed it and nice way to use the box for prevention work 😊
Pamela P
Great class. I'm calling this the Think Outside the Box workout! Really fun and challenging. Thanks Ed.
Ingrid J
Great class! Love The use of the technical terms, for the muscles, and for the minute adjustments that make a huge difference! But did you really say rotator cup???? And is that a South African term for rotator cuff? I may have heard it wrong, still a wonderful creative class. Thank you!
I hope not! Apologies. Definitely the rotator cuff!
Thanks! Nice class after sitting at a computer all day!
Thank you Ed for another wonderful and thoughtful class. When doing the lunge, is it correct for the back foot to be placed on the ball of the foot as well? Is one position more beneficial than the other?
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Hi Christine. It is more a preference for comfort. Either are fine. Shouldn't make a difference to the outcome. Enjoy
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