Agility and Stability Mat<br>Ed Botha<br>Class 2634

Agility and Stability Mat
Ed Botha
Class 2634

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Always such good classes Ed Botha, thank you so much!
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Fabulous class, Ed. Challenging while giving us all the tools for success. This is great teaching!
Thank you.
Thank you Ed! That was awesome!
Wow…Great class, great teaching!! Thank you!
Very effective class with excellent instructions. I liked the variation of push-ups focusing more on the shoulders, I will definitely use it - especially with the male clients. Thanks, Ed!
challenging, clear, wonderful! thank you!
Wow! Wonderful class Ed, fabulous que's and loved the balance act at the beginning. Thank you.
Wow! Amazing session just clear precise and so differant , loved it .
That's my kind of class!
Dolly N
Addicted to your classes come to COLOMBIA ....
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