Agility and Stability Mat<br>Ed Botha<br>Class 2634

Agility and Stability Mat
Ed Botha
Class 2634

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Thank you Ed for keeping your promise! This powerful class reminds me of my private lesson that I could do in your lovely studio in CT this Jan!
What an outstanding class. I love the depth of the work, the precision of the cues, and the thoughtfulness of the sequence. I normally can't do back support because of hand and wrist issues, but in this class I found so much integration through the whole body that I was able to do it.
That was very powerful!! Nice deep work and the cadence of your voice kept my body calm and my mind focused.
Aaaaah love this class I'm sweating :) Thank you!
Aaaaah love this class I'm sweating :) Thank you!
Raymond Harris
Brilliant class.
A great blend of strengthening, lengthening, flexibility, stability, power and calm. This will be my daily session for myself, before I go into the studio to teach. Thanks Raymond
Fantastic class so inspiration in you!! Txs a lot!!
Brenda B
Such clear cuing, wonderful class. Great transitions. Love Ed!
wow , i love it!!!! Thanks so much!!!
wow! really good class! like the flow and the challenge!
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