Mat on the Ball<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 2661

Mat on the Ball
Meredith Rogers
Class 2661

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You've inspired me Meri to take your other ball classes and incorporate the 2lb weights into the movements. Had success with the innovative way you prepped us for teaser in this class. Ive take ALL your mat classes and never done it quite this way before. Thanks!
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This was a thorough workout and tougher than it looks. I'm definitely adding it to my rotation. Thanks!
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Talented teacher,mover,practitioner
Great to watch
Thank you Meri
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Great class, feels amazing. Thank you!
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Loved it! Meredith you will always literally kill my abs even at a deliberate pace. And Thank you!!
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I just love this workout. I did it for the fourth time today. It is in my regular rotation now as is one of your chair workouts. Just awesome! Thanks!
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Wow! What an amazing class! I am tired and inspired and energised at the same time- thank you Meredith!
Thank you ALL for the LOVE!
I appreciate you so much.
fantastic. Worked up quite a sweat, which helped flexibility. Thank you!
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