Mat on the Ball<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 2661

Mat on the Ball
Meredith Rogers
Class 2661

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Thank you Meredith....Ireland has been in semi lockdown for a week and I’m so grateful to have these classes to give myself some headspace.....
Kerry we are ALL in lockdown! I'm so happy to have these classes to share.  I've been doing them too...for the first time ever.  They are helping me immensely. Let's keep the human connection alive and thriving!
Clemencia Puerta
Meredith, definitively your Ball classes are just fantastic!!.... In this one I found some super interesting variations.... and the incorporation of the weights is very creative as well... I hope you can do more Ball classes as soon as you be able to come back to the Studio.... in the meantime, I am studying all your classes at the site... always very useful to me.... Thanksssssss.....
Clemencia Puerta you are always very generous with your comments and I thank you so much for that.  It lifts my spirits....
I'm afraid studio filming may be a long way off.... *sigh*
Stephanie E
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This is a great ball class! Thank you!
Stephanie E thanks for choosing it!
Cynthia G
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Thanks.  That was full of surprises.  Loved it.
Cynthia G I am so happy to hear that!
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Absolutely loved this class. Felt a supported  challenge throughout. My body feels wonderful and strong. Thank you! Will repeat. XO 
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