Create your own Resistance<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 2695

Create your own Resistance
Meredith Rogers
Class 2695

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I fully agree with Sharon! Your classes are always great, Meredith!
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Your class was great! Thank you! MIss you so much….XOXO
Please, more mat class! Love all your classes!
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What a fantastic class, Meredith. You are an inspiration. I feel so calm and peaceful after doing the workout. And a little sweaty.
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Awesome 40 minutes with the band!
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Good stretch on my shoulders. Learning how to go around the world and not bend the arms. PULL the band. Great class!
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That was so lovely.
Thank you ALL so much for your lovely feedback!
It made my day.
I like the band length to be about the length of my wingspan.
Not a critical measurement. More band is better than less.
Hope that helps.
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Great class. Such beautiful upper back work. Thank you. I really enjoy your cueing and all of your classes.
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Terrific class Meredith - thank you SO much!
Especially love the 40 minute classes - would so adore more PLEASE!
And a special shout out to Sook who requested this vid - you know who you are!
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