Feel-Good Spine Corrector<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 2696

Feel-Good Spine Corrector
Meredith Rogers
Class 2696

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I liked the pacing of this class, it kept flowing and I liked the cues.
Nadine E
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Fantastic class! I used my Pilates Arc and it was great!
Thanks, gals!
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Loved this! Great side lying work. Thank you! 
Lacey M  a pleasure!!
Danielle A. Hendricks
Great class! Love all the toning leg work and teaser with a twist. Oh my abs! Woot! Thank you for all your fabulous spine corrector classes. I just got a spine corrector last week, and I've taken three of your classes on this apparatus. Loved them all!
Danielle A. Hendricks lucky you!

Shaazia Q
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What a class! Broke me into a sweat, moved every part of the body and as Meredith says "we're sculpting!" Meredith Rogers always amazing to workout with you - thank you!
Shaazia Q thank you for joining me!!
Maria M
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What a fantastic class! Thanks a million Meredith. It’s definitely in my ‘Favoutites’ list
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