Active Prenatal Reformer<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 2698

Active Prenatal Reformer
Courtney Miller
Class 2698

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Courtney, you're just beautiful! Thanks so much for your positive attitude, smiling face, lovely heart and great workouts! You're my favorite. Your cues are super easy to follow, and I learn so much from you!
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Kerry ~ Courtney has another prenatal Mat workout coming next week! I hope you enjoy it!
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Ah that's great I'll keep an eye out!
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I love your creativity and always learn from your videos, even as a teacher of over 10 years. But without sounding strange, you are the most adorable pregnant (and non-pregnant) person I have ever seen :) Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
Courtney D
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This was great Courtney! I'm 5 months pregnant and it was a creative and fun workout.
You're an amazing teacher! Love how you transition thru the exercises, building, sequencing, all your movement patterns make so much sense & come together so nicely! Moving with intention, with intelligence! You got it right on, you look great! Love, love, love!
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Another favorite. I just love your workouts! Between you and Amy Havens I am always challenged in new, exciting ways. Thanks so much!
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This was the first reformer class that I took in my first trimester - and I even managed to break out a sweat! Courtney is so inspiring, sweet and calming, I love all her classes and will definitely do more of her pre and postnatal ones throughout the rest of my pregnancy and beyond :)
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your footwork series seem counter indicated. Shouldn't we avoid loaded curling in the 2nd and 3rd trimester? The abdominal strain was too much for me at 30 weeks. I could feel the cone shape of my insides popping up between my rectus abdominals. Dont was to create diastasis!
Courtney Miller
Hi Eleanor !! Thanks for watching my video and for working out with me! Congratulations on your pregnancy ... 30 weeks, you are so close! During the workout it is important that you scan your body and modify as needed for all exercises. The size and firmness of the ball supporting the c-curve can drastically change the exercise experience during supported footwork. Additionally, the individual must be assessed during each movement to ensure the exercise is beneficial. If you notice coneing or discomfort when progressing in this series you'll want to stop and make a few changes. Be sure you are using a large enough ball that is well inflated. If this doesn't remedy the situation, try using a prop that offers more stability like a baby arc barrel, a wedge, or even a jump board to support an inclined position and lower your head with a pillow as needed.
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