Create an Active Center<br>Michael King<br>Class 2703

Create an Active Center
Michael King
Class 2703

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Sheila M
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whaat?!beautiful class,love standing arms work and jumping!nice,love it!more and more please ....every day i thanks PILATES ANYTIME to exist!!
Very much enjoyed all of this class!!! Thank you
Courtney D
Loved this class!
great queing and variations on exercises. awsome workout!
That was awesome! Loved the creativity in the footwork and really enjoyed the standing unilateral series. Thank you :)
Thank you, Michael. Your deep understanding of movement qualities is a priceless gift to us in the Pilates world.
Thank you very much Michael I really enjoyed the variations you offered. Dianne.
wonderful as always! Thanks Michael
love love love this class. Looking forward to more.
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