Create an Active Center<br>Michael King<br>Class 2703

Create an Active Center
Michael King
Class 2703

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A new Michael King class on PA is always a cause for celebration. Love this one! The standing variations are great, and I also loved the class series.
I meant clams series :)
hey Micheal,just finished the class, was amazing,thank you so much for your energy.hope to see you next training in bodrum:)
One of my favorite classes! Fantastic way to start my day before seeing clients!
Thank you, Michael. This is the first video of yours that I have done and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of you.
As stated by K. Sagmiller, "Your deep understanding of movement qualities is a priceless gift to us in the Pilates world."
I had a lot of fun with those movements Michael, I loved this class!
Excellent. Challenging. Loved it :)
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Wow! What a tough "beginner" class! My center really got a workout! Thank you, Gia, for taking a break during the 100's! This is one of those workouts that falls in the category of hate/love!! I am going to be sore tomorrow! Thanks Michael!
Love the bridge & short spine variation of rolling down the side back muscles, to lengthen the multifidus muscles, this would be a good prep for the advanced cork screw exercise which most my clients have trouble with. Thanks for the idea!
Very well explained. Thank you!
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