Technique-Focused Mat<br>Malcolm Muirhead<br>Class 2706

Technique-Focused Mat
Malcolm Muirhead
Class 2706

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Lovely class, Malcolm , thank you !!
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Love it! Thank you, Malcolm, my favourite Scotsman!
Samantha L
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I really loved this class and the cues. Thank you.
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Lots of great teaching points in this class x loved it!
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Great class! easy to follow, important point reminders, perfect timing.
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A wonderful, calming class. So many nuggets of wisdom embedded throughout. Especially the many different ways Malcolm focuses on movement quality as opposed to quantity. Thank you!
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I am doing a free trial and I must say: I haveloved your class!!
brilliant! Did I hear him call her mom? So sweet. Such an intentional and precise class. Loved his version of the roll up.
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Awesome workout. Loved his attention to detail and loved the slow deliberate pace.
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Great reminders for technique. I would recommend this class for post natal women as well.
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