Technique-Focused Mat<br>Malcolm Muirhead<br>Class 2706

Technique-Focused Mat
Malcolm Muirhead
Class 2706

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That was so pure and lovely. Really enjoyed that. Thank you!
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This was just what I needed late at night, slow, deliberate focus on technique. Now I need to improve my stamina for the hip/centre movements.
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Enjoyed his workout. I am doing a back to the basics thing and this was very helpful
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Great cues, beautiful instructions, excellent corrections - this class is fantastic not only for level 1 people but for any level if you want to feel detail and precision in movement; and it is not boring!!
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Amazing! Loved this class.
A good class but I was looking for ideas for beginners and 70+ and they would not be able to do any of this
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Loved this class..back to basics done really well. Great cueing tips and new ideas for beginners. Will look out for more of your classes. Thank you
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Thank you so much for your comment. I just filmed another foundation class for Pilates Anytime so you should see that in a couple of months. Hope you enjoy it as well. Foundation work is my personal passion! Malcolm.
So many wonderful queue’s in this class. I really like Malcolm’s style of teaching. It’s making a big difference to my teaching!
Thank you, Malcolm ! You are my favourite teacher and your classes here always inspire me as if we are having those 4-days intense courses in group mat in MK Pilates Academy :)
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