Deepening your Practice<br>Michael King<br>Class 2711

Deepening your Practice
Michael King
Class 2711

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Fantastic class as always!! Thank you very much Michael .
Michael King always
Strong work for shoulders,hand and wrist work but so beneficial, thank you Michael, look forward to seeing you in Northern Ireland soon.
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Never thought I would have to call someone out on being politically incorrect in a pilates video but using the cue "like a red indian how" to describe an arm movement I find very politically incorrect and somewhat offensive.
I wish to take the opportunity to respond to Linda Cabanban’s comments on a phrase I used (which both Pilates Anytime and myself have agreed to remove from the video stream) to which Linda has found offensive and politically incorrect.

I agree with her belief that it is politically incorrect and can only apologise that the specific area in question is one I am very unfamiliar with the do’s and don’ts of language but with hindsight can completely see her point. I can also see why to many it can be interpreted as offensive.

I have worked in Central and Latin American countries with many multiracial and native students and consumers. I have also worked in Africa, Asia and India and in my nearly 40 years of teaching, to the best of my knowledge, I have never before caused offense and strive to educate my colleagues and students about the necessity to be sensitive to how the language one uses can be received.

As a member of a minority group myself I have been the recipient of both verbal and physical attacks over my lifetime but have never allowed myself to respond with similar attacks. In addition, I also have never been an exponent of strong or bad language and swearing in either my personal or public life as I see that as a sign of poor communication skills and a basic lack of politeness and consideration for others. Modern societies overfamiliarity and acceptance of bad language continually leaves me dumbfounded that exponents of such seem to have no regard for others opinions. I say this purely to stress how upset I am that I have been the cause of upset, however unintentionally, and again apologies to those who know me personally for speaking so out of character.

So I know that I am very sorry that I have caused offense and know that this is a phrase that will never cross my lips again and thanks you to Linda for bringing to the attention of myself and Pilates Anytime.
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Thank you very much for your thoughtful and quick response. I did not mean to cause a huge upset, just wanted to bring awareness to the subject.
I have viewed two of your videos and have learned much from them. I look forward to more.
Thank you again
I so enjoyed your class ! So looking fwd to your next one. Thank you
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Masterful verbal cueing throughout. I feel centered and released more symmetrically than ever thought possible. You have such empathy for what your students are feeling in the studio and out here to all online.
That was wonerful - Im a pilates teacher in Australia and watched this as I ironed for the start of the week for my family wanting to get some fresh material or my classes for the week.

What a joy to watch you teach with clarity and compassion and produce calm movement in those who participated. Thank you very much! I will be watching your videos as soon as I have time!!

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