Deepening your Practice<br>Michael King<br>Class 2711

Deepening your Practice
Michael King
Class 2711

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Lina S
I've really enjoyed the class and the feather metaphor. Do you have a piece of advice to avoid hip popping and cracking while doing the leg circles (with bent knee)? Thank you in advance.
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As always I love your classes and I must do homework fingers at home.
On the previous reviews I must say that Michael is an extraordinary person and never offend anyone that way. I know him personally and education and simplicity are his personal brand. He is a great teacher!
Thank you for this class inspired me to start the work week and sorry for my English
Dear Lina
We are told that if its not painful but find focusing on pelvic floor it will help. But this is a very interesting article m/sports-injuries/leg-injuries/3-ty pes-snapping-hip-syndrome
Loved this class, lots to work on/with - thank you
Great class. Enjoyed as I was working! Thank you. Liked the slowing down, diff movements, and explanations.
Melanie H
Lovely class!!! loved the hand exercises at the end!!
What a wonderful class!
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