Centering Flow<br>Michael King<br>Class 2712

Centering Flow
Michael King
Class 2712

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Larysa K
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Thanks Michael! Beautiful class, nice flow, exactly what I need this morning.
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I have done two of Michael's classes now, he is a new instructor for me. His classes are different , they feel right, I really have enjoyed them, they are challenging and make sense. I will look for more from Michael. Thank you
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Loved the functionality and the application of PNF movement patterns! Wonderful....thanks!
Whow, what a great Class.
I love it, thank you Michael
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Thanks for a great class to start my day!
Great lesson, great Michael!!!
Nice movements all
Thanks Michael, - another great class - loved the flow and dynamic stretches.
Nicole Q
Great class with wonderful fluid movements!!
This was so so lovely! It was just what I needed today in a workout. I feel much more open. ??????
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