Centering Flow<br>Michael King<br>Class 2712

Centering Flow
Michael King
Class 2712

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Hi Michael, as always, your classes feel like home to me because I have been following you all these years. Thank you for your sense of humour and the great rotational moves and the positive spirit you bring to us. Keep going Michael. love.
Really liked this one, great flow! Thank you.
Thanks for the lovely class Michael! Beautiful energy!
Beautiful class and wonderful movements! Thanks Michael
Thank you it was an hounour to be a part of this class wonderful movement
Loved it. Thank you??
Thanks Michael, it was so beautiful lesson :)
So nice to have something slightly different ...Love the balletic movements and stretches throughout! Has inspired me to add more flowing movements to my pilates classes. Thank you, most enjoyable.
I love the flow and the movement in this class. I feel soft and ready for what the days has to offer me. Thank you.
Sue B
wow ! i have just finished this mat work class and absolutely love it . I woke up feeling my back was tight and aching and this class has made me feel invigorated and ready for my Monday . Thank you .
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