Fluid Cadillac<br>Diane Diefenderfer<br>Class 2713

Fluid Cadillac
Diane Diefenderfer
Class 2713

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Love your class Diana , very clear , Thank you
This was awesome I can't wait to try that hanging twist thing with the trapeze
Nice class! although I don't have the full set of cadillac to hang on, but I really enjoy the class and I will be back soon again! thanks a lot Diane for the class
So happy to see you on Pilates Anytime with Laura! This was a great refresher on so many spinal articulation exercises. Loved the Roll Over and Teaser variations, and I'll definitely have to get back up on the trapeze and reacquaint myself with that Hanging Up variation!
Diane Diefenderfer
So good to hear from you Bret! I can still see you "hanging" .....beautifully! Enjoy the video!
Praveena C
I feel long and stretched out in my body after the practice. Wonderful sequence, teaching and demonstration. Thank you Diane.
Loved it
Love this class! Thanks so much [Diane!
Samantha S
Such a beautiful workout with balance between flow and strength. It is so enlightening to see the relationship and variation between so many of the exercises across the different apparatuses. So excited to try this work! 
Megan Y
Incredible control and fluidity with each movement. Love how each movement really focuses on the alignment of the shoulders and neck, as the push through bar and brown bar help you feel resistance. 
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