Strength, Precision, & Flow<br>Diane Diefenderfer<br>Class 2714

Strength, Precision, & Flow
Diane Diefenderfer
Class 2714

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Kathleen M
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I'm loving the dance inspired stretches! Very good for my hamstrings and hip flexors!
When you recommend using your arms to press down during the roll over, wouldn't that encourage the shoulders to round forward? I'm sure the two girls here had no problem with that, but I'm just wondering for teaching the more "average" client. I was trained to not use arms during roll over. Thanks for any explanation on that, and I will be adding this class to my favourites!
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Great transitions! and I loved the stretching! Give me more of that !
Great instructor !!! Thanks for share
Trisha Donnelly
Thankyou, just what my body needed after a big week of teaching. Great stretches!!!!
Diane Diefenderfer
Thank you to all who have enjoyed this class. My intention was really to simply offer movements that feel good to the body! For Kathleen......yes, we do have to watch that the shoulders don't roll up and round while doing the Roll Over. I did actually learn it from Romana and she encouraged us to correctly press the arms down to the mat to assist in the movement. Another thing to mention, if you have an "original" style mat, one that is raised slightly from the floor with a strap at the foot end and 2 wooden handles near where your head would be, you would hold the handles with elbows open to side, (shoulders down of course) and therefore have another way to aid in the movement. Hope this helps.
This felt fantastic! Thank you, Diane!
Nice workout! Thanks for the stretch 👌🏼
What a feel good class!
Yum....can't wait to share some of these much strength & stretch. Great attention to feet, rotation, breath, and flow thank you thank you!
Gosh I feel great after my first longish class as a beginner thank you for great instructions!!
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