Madeline's Movements Part 1<br>Madeline Black<br>Class 2716

Madeline's Movements Part 1
Madeline Black
Class 2716

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Such simple movements but so effective. Opened up my low and upper back. Also freed up my hips. Looking forward to your next video. Thank you!!
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I will share some of this with my class tomorrow - loved the detail and precise movement
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Such beautiful and controlled technique. I look forward to sharing this useful info with my clients. Thank you!!
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Yea I found some stretches for my feet1!!
Is Part 2 of this video up yet? If so, what's the number identifying it. Thanks
Gail ~ Part 2 isn't up yet, but it will be on the site in a few weeks. I hope you enjoy it as well!
Love this sequence!
Love Madeleine's classes as always, lovely way to warm up a class and help students focus
I'm brand new to Pilates and this was really good for my lower back pain
Wonderful prep work for the more vigorous workout!
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