Centering Mat<br>Madeline Black<br>Class 2720

Centering Mat
Madeline Black
Class 2720

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fantastic. I personally believe that being aligned or centered is more than 50% of safety in whatever movement we are about to do (sorry about my English)
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This felt great for my whole body! I especially like the triangle hands on pubic bone and sacrum. Great student hands on awareness tool. Thanks so much!
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I really liked this. Was not sure where I was supposed to put my hand/fingers under my pelvis, but I did the best I could.
This is a real good class for me, lovely. I enjoy myself a lot..
Thank you for this fantastic class.
Madeleine you are unique
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Great Class - I liked the emphasis on the junctions of movement - a good concept for centering and proprioception. Excellent!
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Ten thumbs up for this! Loved every bit of it. (Especially the opening sequence at the wall.) Thank you!
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Wow, Madeline, this was great but also HARD! With my hands under my sacrum - how can I not shift weight on to my fingers.. But my back feels so much better than doing it the "normal" way..
Thank you,- you know I love your work!
Madeline Black
Hi Silke! You shift the weight on your hands by moving the sacrum! Bring your pose into a smaller range then feel the weight of the sacrum equally on your hands, then move into a bigger, longer pose. When you you feel the sacrum shift, you went too far. Hope that helps!
It's my 2nd time taking this class and I LOVE it!! It feels so good on my body. I especially love the bridges, the hands on the pelvis & sacrum for awareness AND the fact that I can actually accomplish the can-can/hip circle moves. Thank you Madeline!
Great cueing, and liked how you really observed how girls were moving...lovely thoracic work- thanks..... very useful session
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