Rocking-Inspired Mat<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Class 2732

Rocking-Inspired Mat
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 2732

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Okay , this swan dive instruction was the first time I have ever felt successful with this exercise ! Thank you Benjamin for your enthusiasm and thoughtful instructing !!!
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Nice mat workout. Thanks!
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Once again: fun and intelligent instruction. Loved it!
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Fabulous building up of the body to achieve the target. Loads of ideas to try out on my clients. Thank you
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that was amazing,always having trouble with breaststroke now i'll make that exercise as routine to improve.just what i needed.
And sweating and panting and feeling an openness in Rocking that I have never felt before.

You are a very clever man Benjamin and a wonderful teacher.
Benjamin Degenhardt
Thanks everyone — you literally rock! #punintended
Just brilliant! Exactly what I needed on every level I can think of. Thank you!
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I was glad to see this mini class based on swan. I thought I had a strong back but perhaps not. I am a disaster at swan. I am unable to get my legs up behind me at all. I have been practicing pilates and yoga for years and am in decent condition but unable to do this pose at all. Thank you for your clear and energetic teaching, I enjoy all of your classes.
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Thank you so much Benjamin! you are defiantly my favourite!
so inspiring and complete!
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