Wunda Chair Sequencing<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Class 2735

Wunda Chair Sequencing
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 2735

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Love love love this workout. Great transitions! Awesome, enthusiastic instruction!
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Very nice flow and detailed instruction, as always. I would love to see a level 2 Wunder chair class with Benjamin. Beautiful work and contagious laughter, Lindsey!
I love your teaching so much and really REALLY loved the flow here. Fun and challenging and yet with your encouraging energy, something to work on. Half hour classes are my saviours in between teaching myself Benjamin! More please xxx
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Loved this work out! Great flow and you get all you need in another half hour class. Thanks Benjamin!
Benjamin Degenhardt
Thanks everyone, so thrilled you are enjoying this workout!!! And yes Megan, I live for the half-hour session—there are plenty more to be released soon ;)
Great workout! Thank you so much Benjamin!
Kelly P
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I always love Benjamin's workouts, but especially his quote from this class that 'our bodies are wired for change, so let's indulge in that.'
Such an exciting and stimulating workout! Thank you Benjamin and Megan. Way to go girl!
Thank you Benjamin for this workout. Very comprehensive!
wonderful workout. cueing was great, love Megan as you can see as she makes adjustments under Benjamins hands and has a super laugh:)))
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