Wunda Chair Sequencing<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Class 2735

Wunda Chair Sequencing
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 2735

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I loved the flow and challenge of this fun and energizing instruction! Thank you Benjamin and Megan, just loved your joyfulness and giggles!
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Great, quick workout. I feel great!
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Tough but great :) Please do a spine corrector class and bring Lindsay back with you, she's great (love her leggings too).
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Wow. Dang. Another memorable class from Benjamin. Thank you
Jennifer W
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Terrific class Benjamin Degenhardt and great job Lindsay!
Nadia D
Quite possibly my new favourite chair workout on PA. Thank you for reigniting a passion for the chair in me.
Michele B
Sooo great!!! I'll definitely b revisiting this one.
Kristina K
Great workout, the big laugh is a little distraction though
I absolutely love this client of yours, Benjamin. She is a breath of fresh air. Thank you to both of you. Xxx
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