Head to Toe<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Workshop 2742

Head to Toe
Benjamin Degenhardt
Workshop 2742

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So so thank you for that video :)
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Very cool. As a newer instructor and a more modern instructor, I haven't had an opportunity to see these pieces of equipment at work. I learned so much. Thanks Benjamin.
Benjamin Degenhardt
Ewa and Joy—so glad you enjoyed these and so grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate some of these unique accessories and correctives on Pilates Anytime. I hope you can seek out a studio that works with these to learn even more and, mostly, experience them yourself. Thanks so much for watching!!!
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Thank you for the fabulous information...and your enthusiasm!
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Fab! So valuable! Thank you! :))
Michelle S
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Just wonderful tutorials
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Thank you Benjamin for a very, very informative tutorial. I am a very new instructor and learned so much!! Your clear explanations and attention to detail without it being overwhelming is much appreciated. Very, very clear. Bonus - I'm not afraid of the neck stretcher and I've got some new Pilates apparatus on my Christmas list!!
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Very very interesting
thank you
Thank You so much. This workshop could not have come at a better time. I have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, which is now affecting my balance. I also have hammer toes, and bunions. Rolling is helping a lot. In fact my Aeropilates Reformer with rebounder is coming today. I am hoping with the articulation of my feet and ankle will help to wake up the bones and muscles of my lower limbs. I have everything except the Cadillac or the toe corrector. I'm running out right now to Staples to get large rubber bands. Thank you for the suggestion. It is genius.
Lucie Bécus
I really enjoyed this and learned quite a bit! Thanks so much for sharing all of this knowledge with us Benjamin!
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