Head to Toe<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Workshop 2742

Head to Toe
Benjamin Degenhardt
Workshop 2742

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Amanda L
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Very interesting and great cues. I definitely like to try the neck stretcher.
I really enjoy tris and learn, also new ideas for the use of equipaments
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Thank you so much, loved how you kept it interesting and moving along quite quickly.
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Absolutely fascinating. Have used some of this equipment -- love the hanging straps exercises -- but many I had never heard of before or seen. Thanks for sharing some very important Pilates history!
Love your passion and the way you teach. Thank you for all of these mini workshops. Hope to attend your workshop in Brisbane next February!!!!
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Totally cool series; can't wait to get back to studio and hang in straps
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I love seeing these pieces getting pulling off the shelf and used! Great workshop!! Im inspired to put these to work. Especially the mysterious neck stretcher. 
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where can i learn CEU's with free videos
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Super educational.  And the hanging at the end....wow, just wow.  One question - the dowel and bean bag exercise - how much weight would you suggest in the bean bag?
Benjamin Degenhardt
Shannon  - so glad you enjoyed it! For the beanbag, they're typically between 1-3 pounds, and more often than not you'll find that 1 or 2 will work you just fine :) Hope this helps!
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