Fine Tuning Connections<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 2753

Fine Tuning Connections
Karen Sanzo
Class 2753

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Karen I so enjoy all of the work that you have done on PA! Your words and tactile cuing are so easily understood and remembered for me. I work with many different clients that have benefited from your many presentations here on PA. Thank you and love the work you did with your children! Look forward to more from you!
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Clear uncomplicated positive cueing giving a great movement experience for the athlete... loved this Karen thankyou 😀
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Karen - thanks so much for your amazing work on PA. I learn something every time you present.
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Thank you so much for using the "real client", it helps teach so many real cues that we need to use. So very different than when we teach the pilates instructors that know what to do. I appreciate you bringing in your family!
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Very much love all your classes and today giving us the aspect of connecting with the athletic, male client with such clear cues. Thank you.
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Another awesome one from Karen! Thank you!
Love the bilateral work, Karen, especially the "lazy glute" exercise.
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Love this, there is a lot of good stuff here. I find the more I teach the more I become you. I've even adopted the term "rib package" lol love you!!
Karen Sanzo
Brenda!!! You're too funny. Thanks for commenting!!
Carolan A
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great instruction..i loved the spirit of your son..xo
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