Core Connection Strength<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 2757

Core Connection Strength
Karen Sanzo
Class 2757

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Great class! Thank you!
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Wonderful! Those semi-circles felt amazing to me! "Drip your spine". I always learn something from you Karen. Thank you! And thanks to your handsome children for being your students!
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Soooo good!! Loved the teaching style and wonderful education that went along with the workout. I will watch for you any time you are on this site, a real MASTER INSTRUCTOR and we are so fortunate to be able to watch you from where ever we are at.
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So the oblique work...the simple hold in bird dog w/o carriage moving. Variation on knee stretch, sgl arm work....kneeling front splits - making the effort equal. Love learning your ways! Thank you thank you
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Great class to warm the body up and energize in the morning. Thank you!
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Looooooooooove your teaching style :))
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I just wish I was your kid! Love, love, love everything you do...but I love this kind of 'man' class where you humble us all!
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Great tutorial... is that mack-daddy sticky mat a yoga mat cut in 1/2?

I am just in love with your style!
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you are a wonderful teacher Karen, I enjoyed the class, thank you
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Great class. I love your energy and creativity. You should teach more reformer classes :). Thank you
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