Tools for Efficient Running
Myriam Kane
Class 2761

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Thank you very much I enjoed your class It is just what I needed at the begining of the academical year
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Love this!! Such great info AND solutions to address those places we get stuck in running - or everyday moving for that matter
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Look who's on PA... Yay! Miriam!! Loved the class and love you!!
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Great class Myriam!
Thanks so much for the kind words and so glad you enjoyed this class! I am delighted beyond words to share this series that has made a real difference in so many of my running clients, as well as myself. Foot/ankle comes out Friday...appreciate the feedback! :)
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started to watch mat workout 2761 with Myriam Kane and stopped to take a break trying to go back into it and it keeps coming up with an ! mark and won't let me play. Can you tell me why please
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Alex ~ I'm sorry you had trouble with this video. I recommend restarting your computer/device to clear away the other processes that are running. If you continue to have trouble after trying this, please email us at contact@pilatesanytime.ccom.
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thanks a lot, I go on to the foot and ankles now, I do need it:)
Thank you for a nice and informative class, but poor camera handling I'm sorry. Could not really see what is happening down with their feet most of the times.
Can't play this video, error message is coming up all the time. All the other working well. Can you help please?
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