Tools for Efficient Running
Myriam Kane
Class 2761

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Thanks for the heads up, Anjali and Eva...I've forwarded your msgs and hoping you'll be able to view today!
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Eva ~ I'm sorry you were having trouble with this video. I just tried it and it worked for me. I recommend restarting your computer/device to clear away the other processes that are running. If you continue to have trouble after trying this, please email us at
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This is wonderful. Thank you!
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Happy to see you on PA, Jessica!!
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Love this so much! Really woke me up to some of the imbalances and sticky spots I have in my body from running (and, ya know, life!). Lovely cueing too xx
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Gorgeous class Myriam , running is one of my challenges , all this information is so helpful to allowing my body to allow running to become more natural for it xx
So glad you enjoyed it, Emily...truly, running is a natural movement that can be reclaimed for most of us!
🙏 I will persevere x
Well! This was the quickest 51:38secs ever! Loved it and is especially relevant to my way of thinking currently so sat well with my brain and of course my body! Looking forward to watching all of your videos!
I'm happy to hear this resonated with you, Sam! Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!
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