Staying Grounded
Myriam Kane
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Thank you for an EXTREMELY valuable overview and homework assignments for an area that has been particularly challenging for me with multiple negative effects. Your approach is very wise and informed and easy to follow. I look forward to your mat class and the future ones as well. Thank you for sharing!
Thank you for the feedback, Patricia...I'm happy to hear you found it easy to follow. A little daily homework goes a long way!
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love this Myriam, I am a runner and the work you have organized here is going to be so beneficial to me and to my students, thanks
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Loved this. Looking forward to the next tutorial as I am having knee pain.
Appreciate the feedback and very, very excited to share these tools that I use every day! The glute/hip video just came out today and addresses more on the knee, Jodie.
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Thank you Myriam. Very helpful self-massage and other homework tools. For the first time in my 65 years I'm flirting too closely with Plantar Fasciitis and your knowledge, guidance and comments are encouraging and useful.
I'm happy you found this useful, Alexandra!
So happy this was useful to you, Alexandra!
Another great tutorial! Thank you, Myriam - I have just spent a very happy hour splashing through puddles on a bog in the west of Ireland - really noticing new freedom in my ankles and hips and it feels great!!
I will certainly be doing my homework!
Yipeee...just love hearing this, Helen...keep up the great homework...splashing puddles in Ireland sounds quite lovely!!!
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