Staying Grounded<br>Myriam Kane<br>Tutorial 2762

Staying Grounded
Myriam Kane
Tutorial 2762

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Thanks a lot for this interesting video Myriam Kane. Always good to link Pilates, fascia and another discipline as running. Maybe something about neck issues for runners would also be interesting (linked to the fascia idea where everything is connected). Thank you again, it encourages me to go back running after a recent knee issue on a trail !
Myriam Kane
Cecilia , I appreciate your feedback and the neck is definitely something I would love to address, as closely connected to many other issues and not usual connx to see with the the sacrum in runners. Happy Trails to you!!!
So informative and well presented- thank you. Can’t wait to watch your other tutorials. Wish I had discovered sooner- but, never too late. :)
Myriam Kane
Thank you for letting me know, Beverly...I'm so happy to hear you're finding these useful! Happy Trails!
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