Full-Body Strength<br>Carrie Macy Samper<br>Class 2788

Full-Body Strength
Carrie Macy Samper
Class 2788

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loved the video! watching a first teacher student encounter and how you adjust was great.
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Thank you Carrie. I love the things your eyes pick up and I love your specific cueing like pushing into your hands on her shins to keep her VMO activated. Also loved the stick along her spine. You help me be a better teacher!
Thank you for watching so closely, Tami :). I'm glad it helps your teaching!
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I think this is one of the best of all the Pilates Anytime classes. Her teaching and cuing is exactky what I always think a pilates class should be. I wish I could watch Carrie's class more often and very soon again. Carrie, you are superb !!!
Wow, thank you, Bon Hee Koo! You are too kind. :)
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Thank you Carrie.. I loved this class, your cueing is fabulous. So helpful :)
Great class and cueing. Loved how you really observed the body in front of you and what she needed to work on.
By the way love your yoga pants, very colorful. Recall where you got those? Lulumon?
Jamie, my pants are Lucas Hugh, and I got them as a sample gift from the rep a while ago... But you could try googling! :) Thanks for watching!
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Loved this class and as everyone has said, great cues, attention to detail and psersonalized for Jo!
Jo had beautiful form and was an excellent listener!
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Carrie, thank you for this!! As previously mentioned your cueing so spot on and informative! I especially loved "push your shines into my thumbs! You explain this so well, I can hardly wait to try on my students! There was another one about putting your suspenders on! ...I have to go back and revisit the video LOL. Hope to see more classes of you in the future.
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