Full-Body Strength<br>Carrie Macy Samper<br>Class 2788

Full-Body Strength
Carrie Macy Samper
Class 2788

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wonderful workout, Carrie! I loved your cues and your hands-on moves! It is always so enriching to listen to great teachers and be inspired! I also like when there are "real" persons,...although Jo was looking pretty remarkable advanced!
Thank you, Silke. Yes I agree that Jo did a great job! She was not unfamiliar to Pilates, just unfamiliar to me and my teaching.
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I enjoyed this very much.. you have a trained eye and really focused on what she needed. Great cueing and fun to watch the different methods on various pieces of equipment.. hope you come back and teach more classes here on PA!
Thank you, Jamie! Glad you enjoyed it :)
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Really great detailed cueing! You could see the little changes and how they applied. I think this will be very helpful to me in my practice. Thanks!
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Hey Carrie, great to see you teach!! I agree your cues were so spot on, I love to see exercises taught in the same way i teach themπŸ‘πŸ‘
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Very nice format for an instructor teaching group classes
I very much enjoyed Carrie eye expertise and clarity in her instructions
Thank you
Thank you for watching, everyone!
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Amazing! πŸ‘πŸ» Love being able to watch you teach from NY!
Glad you enjoyed, Mika!
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