Quick Foam Roller<br>Cecile Bankston<br>Class 280

Quick Foam Roller
Cecile Bankston
Class 280

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Thanks Cecile for the foam roller class. I just purchased a roller and wanted to know how to use it. Hopefully you will instruct more ways to use the foam roller.
great class! it was definitely challenging! Love it!
Ted Johnson

There are a few more foam roller classes on the site, and you can search by prop to find them easily. This will list all the foam roller classes:

Foam Roller Class Search
Ted Johnson
Sorry, my note should have probably been addressed to Elaine... but it's really for anyone.
A great challenge. Thanks!!
Great class! Thanks!
Awesome class Cecile! Very challenging, great flow, and wonderful cues.
a fun and challenging class with great flow. thanks
I've tried twice today to view this class but for some reason it did not load..just fyi..I'll keep trying. thanks
reap benefits of foam roller classes at least 2X/week! great supplement..tku:)
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