Quick Foam Roller<br>Cecile Bankston<br>Class 280

Quick Foam Roller
Cecile Bankston
Class 280

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I am so glad you guys like the class!! I had so much fun creating it, and I hope to do some more for Pilates Anytime in the near future.
We'd love to see you back Cecile!!
Patricia W
no chance to view this class, it did not load - hopfefully one of these days. thanks
Nice class, nice varitety, nice instructions but too much "good!!!!" mentioned
I loved this class! The instruction and cueing is excellent and the class is very creative and challenging. Thanks so much!
Thank you for this wonderful workout!
Great workout! I modified the sideline work with my felx ball (blown up fairly taut) because my foam roller felt like a steel pipeline on my hips... this helped alot. Love your website, I watch daily!
great challenge for obliques and lower abs!
Thanks for all the wonderful feedback, and Valerie I think your ball idea is great, because you are right some foam rollers are harder than others. It definitely should feel comfortable to you.
Paola Maruca
more of Cecile please :).......
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