Prenatal Fitness Ball Flow
Leah Stewart
Class 281

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Love this class! I'm 29wks preg now and really liked the progressions, flow and rotations. I'm always searching for ways to laterally flex and rotate to get space in my compressed ribcage thanks Leah!
Hi Jessie,

I didn't know you were pregnant! Congratulations! So exciting! I'm so happy that you enjoyed the class I too love this class, it feels great! Mobilization of the spine and ribcage with lateral flexion and rotation is so so nice - it can relieve a lot of discomfort.

Take care, Jessie!

Another great class!
What a lovely class!
Thank you, Dianne! I love this class, too! I particularly enjoy the Spine Stretch Sequence with the ball
I absolutely love your calm attitude and your creative classes! thank you so much for doing this :)
Hi Leah,
Thanks for a fabulous workout. My core muscles feel worked and strong and my back feels really open. A challenging and stimulating workout!
Catherine - thank you!

Kerry - It sounds like you have that perfect blend of feeling challenged yet relaxed after this class. That is such a great feeling that Pilates gives us, right?
It is indeed! As I'm just entering my second trimester I was trying to find the right balance of work out with increased tiredness, and I felt great after this so thank you! Looking forward to trying out more classes in your prenatal series!
I am 35 weeks pregnant, and this class was great. thank you so much.
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