Osteoporosis Modifications<br>Sherri Betz<br>Introduction 2813

Osteoporosis Modifications
Sherri Betz
Introduction 2813

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Sherri Betz
Thank you very much Meg Fleming! I am so glad that you enjoyed the information and mostly for sharing good info with your clients!
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So helpful. I have a fit client who recently discovered she has osteopenia, so I have begun to modify her program accordingly. This is also very helpful information in general for structuring our sessions/classes so that clients' spines are warmed up properly.
Sherri Betz
Hi Marika Molnar, Thank you so much for the positive feedback! (I think your comment is old...so sorry that I am just now seeing it and responding to it) I look forward to viewing the Tye4 class!
Sherri Betz
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Opening up windows of thinking for me! Thank you Sherri!
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Thanks Sherri - really useful as always. looking forward to watching the other videos in this series and am adding class 1589 to my queue too!
Elisheva R
What advice would you give for someone with osteoporosis with a weak core? How can they strengthen their core without putting undue pressure on their spine? (Since if their core is weak when exercising, then the pressure will be dealt with by the spine.)
Sherri Betz
Elisheva R try class #2816 Supine Mat Modifications.  These are most likely exactly what you are looking for:   https://www.pilatesanytime.com/workshop-view/2816/video/Pilates-Supine-Mat-Modifications-by-Sherri-Betz&nbsp; Enjoy!
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