Osteoporosis Modifications<br>Sherri Betz<br>Introduction 2813

Osteoporosis Modifications
Sherri Betz
Introduction 2813

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Sherri, thank you for your clear, concise direction about Pilates in general and for osteoporosis. It's really good to hear the reference to Joe's work so that people realize it's not about contemporary vs classical, it really is about the roots of what Pilates is about.
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Thank you Sherri- more great information
Sherri Betz
Your comment is very important to me. I am so glad that my respect for Joseph Pilates work came through and that it is not about contemporary vs. classical. It is about what is best for the client in front of us! Thank you, again, I am grateful for your feedback!
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I work Safe Spine Technique, which is based on sciense, on Dr. Mac Gill and Blandine Calais work, they are most important anatomist. We don't change the natural curves of the spine, and it's a very strong work doing very simply excercistes, I'm so glad to see your class, so happy to hear your recommendations.
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I completely agree with you
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Hi Sherri, thank you for all the wonderful information on your introduction video. Please take a look at the Tye4 BoneUp class that I teach for Osteoporosis prevention as it is mostly standing with wearable resistance and challenges not only the muscles but also balance and the brain. Also adding asymmetrical movement to the repertoire helps train for potential real life situations. Marika
We need this more in our Pilates world. This education is valuable for us and it is of extreme value to our clients.
I see many Pilates teachers still teaching exercises that load the spine when clients have mentioned on intake they have low bone density or osteoporosis. There needs to be more emphasis within the teaching institutions. Great job, Sherri! Thank you for your insight and education. Congrats on your award as well!!
You're the best ????
!!!! :)
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Wonderful instruction, as always Sherri. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights with us. The way you explain gravity and weighted force as critical for increasing muscle strength and bone density is so helpful and important to remember. I hope we all learn how to articulate this to our own clients.
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