Prone Mat Modifications<br>Sherri Betz<br>Tutorial 2818

Prone Mat Modifications
Sherri Betz
Tutorial 2818

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Joyce Dev
Thank you, Sherri for the wonderful research and science behind your mat modifications. As always,love your tutorials! So meaningful to my clients.
Sherri Betz
Thanks Joyce! I am so glad you found the tutorial useful.
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So now I am curious as to why regular swimming is so bad for people with osteoporosis?
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Sheri thanks so much for this informative video. Would you say that swimming exercise would be good for someone who has scoliosis? I know scoliosis covers such a huge variety of curvatures, but what would be your advice? would you do it over the longbox placed on the cadi? Thanks Sam
Sherri Betz
Hi Jamie,
Swimming is a low gravity sport where forces on bone are reduced. It is also a repetitive endurance activity performed at low intensity. These two factors make it less than ideal for bone health. Adolescents who are primarily swimmers have been shown to have low bone density as adults. Here are several references: Bravo 1997, Bellew 2006, Derman 2008, Emslander 1998, Falcai 2014, Greenway 2012, Scofield 2012
Sherri Betz
Hi Samantha,
If you mean the Pilates Swimming exercise, then, yes, I think anyone with almost any spine pathology should do the swimming exercise to keep the back extensors strong. If extension is contraindicated or painful, it can be performed in neutral spine. The long box is a good place to start so that the shoulders are not required to be in full flexion.
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Thanks so much Sheri from Samantha
Kimberley Michelle
love it! thank you.
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Excellent tutorial. Thank you!
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When are you coming over to Jakarta? Or maybe Indonesia
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