Mat for Men<br>Cecile Bankston<br>Class 282

Mat for Men
Cecile Bankston
Class 282

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Ted Johnson
I get frustrated that my lack of flexibility keeps me from doing exercises the "right" way. Cecile's tips on how to make alterations were really helpful.
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i loved this, it is helpful to remember to pepper in stretches for anyone who is less flexible. i wish there were a lot more classes geared especially toward men! (including apparatus)
thank you!
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This is great! I just started a men's class at my studio and this is very helpful!
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Qué buena esta clase para chicos! Me encanta! A ver si haces más. Gracias.
This is a great class! If you're a man, do yourself a favor and watch it. If you're like me, you'll be grateful someone has taken the time to "translate" Pilates movements to the male body. I always feel great after taking this class, never sore or tight, as I so often do after taking a class geared towards "the girls." I now find I will often stop these later classes to incorporate the stretches that are a wonderful part of this class. Bravo Cecile! (And THANK YOU!!)
Brenda B
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I have a lot of men in my mat classes and every time I do prone back extension, I get complaints about the excessive pressure on their genitals. How can I modify for them so that they won't be so uncomfortable and still benefit from the exercise? Thank you,
Maggie L
Good question Brenda - did anyone give you suggestions?
I loved this. More men's classes please!
Did anyone ever reply to Brenda Barcelo about modification for men in prone?
Brenda B
I have come up with several modifications that seem to work very well for men. Any suggestions welcome!
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