Mat for Men<br>Cecile Bankston<br>Class 282

Mat for Men
Cecile Bankston
Class 282

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Brenda please share. I am an instructor and would love some ideas :)
Brenda B
I've adapted the mat prone exercises to suit my male clients. For example, instead of full swim, I do arms only. No swan rocking, just the stretch. Instead of lots of prone, I have them plank or quadruped, or do sitting thoracic extension. Just to give you an idea. All my male clients are happy campers, have had them for years!
Patty Hafen
I really appreciate the modifications you presented. I work with quite a few guys, and these tips are really helpful. I especially appreciate that you explain WHY someone might want the modifications and what the reason is for the modifications.
Patty Hafen
Thank you Brenda !
Cecile, men or women - who cares:) !!!!It is great :) THANKYOU:)
Lightweight in execution, despite being an exercise ever.
Came back to this earlier mat class and loved it x thank you 

Joanna G
Great Class, thank you. 
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