Thoracic Spine Movement<br>Tom McCook<br>Tutorial 2824

Thoracic Spine Movement
Tom McCook
Tutorial 2824

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Amazing!! ...Love the sensory information given and imagery, tactile cues, and detailed approach of feeling the movement. Thankyou very much for this!
Thank you so much for such an amazing class! It was incredibly informative and I am excited to integrate these movements into my classes!
Thank you! such awesome information and much needed-great cueing- always trying to get clients to relax into movement vs. forcing & this will help tremendously
Sheila M
every moment i see you,listen you,understand why love Pilates and teachers who made your work with passion and love!thanks tom,your cueing is simply and effective!
Wow, a real eye opener and I have to confess the diaphragmatic breathing totally threw me! I couldn't do it at first, my brain & body is so programmed to lateral thoracic. It was a challenge on so many levels and now I am so looking forward to sharing this, especially with my dentist clients!!! Thank you Tom!
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Thank you all for your great feedback!
Great to hear Carrie that the diaphragmatic breathing was an eye opener for you. Our bodies are designed amazingly well, focusing on function improves function!! Thank you Pilates Anytime!
Thanks Tom and Sara! Such a wonderful tutorial. I just start to work with a client that is a dentist with a big thoracic and diaphragm block. I can't wait to share with him some of the amazing exercises you taught here. Thank you again and thanks Pilates Anytime from Italy ;)
Thank you! Great exercises!!
Amazing, as always! Thank you 🙏🏽
Thank you, Tom, excellent. I am currently in training and the Thoracic movement has been difficult for me to move. Your instructions have really cleared that up for me. I will practice and see what my instructors notices' next time. Thank you
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