Thoracic Spine Movement<br>Tom McCook<br>Tutorial 2824

Thoracic Spine Movement
Tom McCook
Tutorial 2824

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Thank you very much, Tom and Sahra. I loved it! Big fan of your work, cuing, teaching tips, tutorials - fabulost information for myself and my clients!
Love it :)
Tom, this is wonderful information ! I really appreciate your teaching style. Thank you from Chicago :)
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What a great class, Mahalo Nui !
There is so much useful information in here, I feel like I need to watch it again but wanted to show my appreciation.
Brilliant tutorial ! Thank you
Awesome, I always learn from you??
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Thank you Tom and Sara!
Have you had positive feedback with this work on your clients with scoliosis? Would appreciate any comments or precautions relating to scoliosis.
Terrific work??
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Thank you for your feedback everyone, I really appreciate it. Rosemary, yes I have found this very helpful for clients with scoliosis. Learning the exact location and design of the spine, using imagery, touch and specific movements of the spine is very helpful. Precautions would be to encourage moving in a smooth, fluid way without forcing movement.
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This was so informative! I love how cuing the natural design of the spine so simply gives such powerful changes to the body! Loved it! Thank you!
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Thank you, Tom. This is great information delivered in a simple, concise way. Thank you for making this available to us. Absolutely loved it.
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