Spring in Your Foot
Tom McCook
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Great way to start a session. I also like to do this movement with my feet in straps. Thank you Tom
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Thank you very much! Love it! We forget the feet are the foundation (basis). We work on the hole body, but we forget the base…...
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Really helpful and really clear thank you ☺
Very helpful Tom!
Thank you! This is a great addition to the other exercises I teach on the foot.
Hi Tom, Thank you so much for all of this amazing and useful information. Do you have any suggestions on how to do this if I am working with a client that can not cross their lower leg across their thigh? Thank you.
Hi Christine,
For your clients who are not able to twist their foot manually with the hands, have them use the 4" balls standing. In my 20 minutes mat class we cover ball exercises for the feet that will work really well. All the best, Tom
Thank you so much Tom for responding. I will indeed watch that class. I just want to say again how much I enjoy your classes and all of your knowledge.
Incredibly helpful. Thank you:)
Thank you for the information Tom and relating it to everyday movement makes it stick in the mind. I wanted to ask your advice about a client who has had three foot operations, has a fused mtp1 on their right foot and limited mobility in their left is still very active but often struggles with her feet and now is struggling with her piriformis. Loves the refeormer and mat work......are these movements ok to do with her and what else would you recommend?
Thanks for all the tutorial inputs.
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Hi Patricia,
Thank you for your questions and I'll offer what I can without seeing your client. Getting the heel, talus and forefoot to mobilize with be very useful for them. Their piriformis issue could stem from the foot issue. I would work with mobilizing her foot as much as possible, do the hip, standing and sitting postural tutorials I offer on PA and work on giving her nervous system the opportunity to find another choice in standing and walking. I hope this offers you some support and all the best to you.
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