Setting Expectations
Lesley Logan
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I have to say that this is definately the best programe on the PilatesAnytime it is just full of useful ideas that you usually do not get from teacher training or you will not find them randomly on the street. Every week I cannot wait for new chapters. Love it so much ! Lesley is just an amazing!
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Eliska so happy you love this program! Me too! Although I am a little bias ;) If you have any questions let us know. Otherwise, hope you enjoy the other tutorials as they come. I know I am excited about them! xx~LL
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Clear, concise, logical and easy to apply. Got me to thinking about what "next steps" I need to take to make the business side smoother and easier. Great advice for finding opportunities to coach instead of just dealing with a "complaint". Good stuff! Thank you.
Kimberly the business next steps can feel the hardest and the scariest but they are so essential to being able to do more of what we love and why we got into the business of TEACH IT! Thank you for watch and hope you enjoy the other videos xx~LL
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it is so helpful to have some clear templates on how to communicate with other teachers and clients. Sometimes I think I am being clear but I am skipping a few steps. I used the 24-hour cancellation policy conversation with a new client and I think it will save me some tough conversations in the future.
Lainie first, thank you so much for watching! Second good for you!! First step in the right direction of a smoother business, better client relations and holding clients accountable both for their sessions and your value. I promise you that the more consistent you are with telling people and having them sign a cancellation policy the easier it will be. You clients won't feel like a new rule was just made and when someone late cancels you won't wonder if you'll be compensated. Hope you enjoy the other tutorials here and let us know if you have any other questions. xx~LL
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I am curious, how do you do your rent? Is it per hour or do it it on a monthly basis? Also do you have a cap?
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I actually have a second question - when hiring, are you considering them employees or contractors? If they are contractors are these your renters or are they teaching for you and following your rules?
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Rachel first thank you so much for watching my tutorial and also for these amazing questions! Re Rent: Are you asking how to rent to independent contractors? Honestly, in all the coaching of studios I have done each studio has found a way that works for them. I have not ever seen a cap and I am not sure why you would need a cap except maybe on how many people can rent at the same hour (space wise). Speaking generally as I don't know your goals or business, I have seen, and I like the idea of there being, a rent incentive. The more you teach the better your hourly rental rate is. Does this help? I'm happy to connect with you more and dive deeper into this question.
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Rachel re your second questions: this is a difficult question to answer here in this forum because it involves both the accounting and legal parts of a business, which are dictated by your location. That being said, you can still have renters/contractors that follow your studio policies, however, all of your policies should be reviewed by your legal team. Great questions Rachel and I hope to connect with you again soon xx~LL
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