Letting Go of Perfection<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2839

Letting Go of Perfection
Amy Havens
Class 2839

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Dawn U
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I love Amy's classes.  This class seemed more advanced than Level 2.  It was too fast paced for my abilities.  I would have preferred a slower pace, with more detailed instructions and cues for the color of springs to use for each exercise.  I will definitely do the class again as practice makes perfect.  Thank you.
Hi Dawn, thank you for this feedback.  Occasionally we 'miss the mark' on how we assign a level for a class.  Although it states 'level 2', yes --- it's more of a 2/3.  In an upper level class we don't always speak to the spring tension or as many details because we may assume that the person taking class isn't needing those reminders as much anymore.  We'll make note of this however.  But... please keep taking this class and others that push your limits a bit, such growth happens there!
Judy C
This is not a 2 level, but a 2/3 as 50% of the exercises in this were very advanced. OK if you are in circus soleil. Love Amy, but it's discouraging for my group that we have been pilates for 3 years and couldn't do a lot of these advanced exercises. 
Hello - I know this is an old class but it’s new to me and a great class. sometimes you don’t give what springs you are switching to. Is there somewhere I can reference what springs you always use? Thanks!
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