Chest Opening Mat<br>Sally Anderson<br>Class 2862

Chest Opening Mat
Sally Anderson
Class 2862

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Fantastic class! I can't wait to share some of these moves with my clients.
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Oh this is a good one! It's going into my rotation every week! Thank you!
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So challenging and nutritive at the same time!
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Very good stretching and upper body strengthening.
Thank you Sally, love your class
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This feels more like a level 2 but very doable and gentle!
Moira M
Gosh those arm ones at the end are tough!
A lovely restorative class though and great to have a little "arm burn" at the end.
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Wonderful! The perfect home workout after sitting at desks and in train seats for 9 hours - thorough but also restorative for my shoulders. Will be doing this again! And also Sally, I would love to see a workout with you ON the foam roller, which is one of my very favorite props Please come back to PA soon! :)
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I loved the arm position in pelvic curl it really works specially for midback and the forearm exercises which I needed desperately ...thank you Sally
Liza P
There are great parts of this class however there are several moves that are not good for anyone with neck injuries.
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