Strength and Flexibility Mat<br>Alan Herdman<br>Class 2865

Strength and Flexibility Mat
Alan Herdman
Class 2865

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Taghrid K
I have been trying to watch this video for the last 3 days but I have been unsuccessful, I can't find out why. Thank you for your help.
Taghrid K
I tried the audio option which did work but I am a visual person and don't have any dancing experience so don't know the positions.
Taghrid K
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Finally after trying many times it worked and it was certainly worth all the effort. Couldn't figure out why but happy it worked.
Loved the slow deliberate pace and felt I worked very hard. Thank you Alan.
Taghrid ~ I'm sorry that you had trouble with this video, but I'm glad to hear that it seems to be working for you now. If you ever have any trouble with future videos, please email us at
Horrible audio. Unable to watch.
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Very precise and deep work! Thanks
Judy ~ I'm sorry you ad trouble with the audio. Can you tell us what the problem was exactly? The more we know about the issue you are having, the easier it will be for us to fix it. Please email us at so we can help you with this issue.
Amazing class! Thanks
Always enjoy every seconds of your class . Very simple and clear and also challenging . Thanky you so much Alen !
Excellent class learned so much and my clients love the visuals mentioned in this class x loved the ballet bias too
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