Strength and Flexibility Mat<br>Alan Herdman<br>Class 2865

Strength and Flexibility Mat
Alan Herdman
Class 2865

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Excellent class learned so much and my clients love the visuals mentioned in this class x loved the ballet bias too
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This class left me feeling so lifted and integrated for days afterwards. I was finally able to connect to some abdominal areas that have been asleep since I gave birth. I'm so happy to be able to experience it again on Pilates Anytime! Alan, thanks again for keeping my movements honest! And Sara, thanks for being my workout buddy! x
Hello Alan! :) At about 5:54 in the video there is an instruction to drop the diaphragm...does that mean push the air down so the lower belly puffs a little or does it mean drop it down into the body toward the back? Also does the pelvic floor lift when you exhale or does it come up toward the diaphragm as you inhale? Love the class! Thank you!
Love these classes for dancers and dance inspired classes. I think it's a shame to label them just as classes "for dancers" though. I have no dance background at all but they're always so good for my body's needs and I thoroughly enjoy the challenge and flow of performing dance movements.
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Katherine ~ Thank you for your feedback! We are so glad to hear that you enjoyed this class! While we label it as a class for dancers, we try to make sure that our members know that you don't need to be a dancer to enjoy these classes!
I can watch Alan Herdman's classes all day long. I did my teacher's training with Alan 24 years ago, and his voice is still gently guiding me in my work. I am thankful that we now have the web and Pilates Anytime which means I can still get inspiration from him (and many others) , but what I would give to have a face-to-face lesson with him again...xx
Mr Herdman is masterful.
Thank you for your excellence! We improve so much .
This class is a live experience of the looks easy but it isn't at all :):)
Fantastic class Alan! Thank you 
Elke R
Thank you for this fantastic class. Clear, challenging. I learned very much!
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